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ve had paid no heed; but it was important for him to know whether Paegnion had heard them. He beckoned to the boy, bent down from his horse, and took him by the ear. “Did you hear what I said?” he asked curtly. “Tell the truth.” “I believe so,” stammered Paegnion, somewhat bewildered by this sudden attack. “Repe

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    on, but as Lycon.” Lycon drew his shor

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    inst Paegnion’s bare breast. The lad utte

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    ever cut yourself with a knife?” asked Ly

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    l feel if I thrust now. Well then! If you

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ord of what I said, I will drive this sword into you, if it were at the altar of the gods. So guard your mouth.” Wit

hout listening to Paegnion’s assurances, he gave243 the horse a light blow with his whi

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p and continued his way down to the valley. The n